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Water Supply

1.How to star use

In Japan, water supply is provided by the water department in each area. To start use, you need to apply to the water department in your new area of residence by telephone, fax or internet. To start or stop water supply, please contact the Customer Service Department at Tokyo Metropolitan Water Department 3-4 days prior to the desired date of starting/stopping water supply. Of course, Global Trust Networks will begin the procedure for you to start use.

2.precautions of Use

・Contract period information
The contract period will continue until you notify of a date to stop the water supply to your residence. When relocating, please contact the water department with which you have a contract.

3.Contact Information

If you experience trouble with water supply at your residence including burst pipes and leaking, please contact the water department with which you have a contract. Or if you live in Tokyo metropolitan area, consultation is available on the number below.

Tokyo (23 wards) Customer Service Centre Contact Number
Tokyo Water Department TEL:03-5326-1101 (cost, repairs, other requests)

4.Emergency Contact

To start or stop water supply, apply using the contact information below. The contact information below is for Tokyo metropolitan residents.

Tokyo Water Department TEL:03-5326-1101 (relocating, contract changes)
Tokyo Water Department FAX:03-3344-2531

5.Usage Fees

The bill is calculated on a fixed day every month. To confirm the fixed day, please refer to the meter reading paper. Meter charges are billed every 2 months. When you start or stop water supply in the middle of the month, depending on the number of days used, the monthly fee and usage charge will be calculated to that day.

6.Payment Methods

・Bank Account Transfer
Customers of financial institutions can pay the water and sewerage bill automatically from their bank account. If you pay your water and sewerage bill directly from your bank account, you will receive a discount of 50 Yen each month (600 Yen each year).

・Credit Card
To continually pay by credit card, you must register the credit card in advance. Please fill out the required information and inkan stamp then post to apply. It may take 1-2 months to change to the credit card payment method. Depending on the area, you may not be able to use a credit card for payment. Please confirm with the water department in advance.

・Direct Bank Deposit
Payment can be made at convenience stores or other places that can receive payments. After the meter reading, you will be issued with an invoice “Notice of your sewerage and water usage” (receipt for meter checking).

7.Suspension of Use

For the following matters, please contact the water department in your region by telephone or internet.

  • The address to stop water supply
  • Name of user
  • Relocation address, contact
  • Date to stop water supply
  • Fees calculation

※Charges will occur until you stop using the water.
You can notify your preferred method of payment by internet or telephone.